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The Los Angeles Poetry Festival has presented nine festivals that explore the culture, character and history of Los Angeles through the writings of some of the city’s most distinctive poets. Since its creation in 1989, by Sherman Pearl and director Suzanne Lummis, The Los Angeles Poetry Festival, in collaboration with many arts organizations and educational institutions —Beyond Baroque, MOCA, LACMA The Los Angeles Public Library, The World Stage, The Southwest Musuem, The Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, Occidental College and others—has produced over a hundred fifty readings involving various themes and explorations.

Theme Examples

Women at the Edge
Exiles and Immigrants
Poetry of the Sacred

Poetry and the Unbroken Line
(Poets and Fiction Writers)

The Mythical Works of Yeats
Dreams and Healing A Workshop
Play Ball! Poets Take on the American Sport

Mermaids Singing:
Contemporary Voices in Classical Forms

Tribute to Black Bards
The Poetry of Conscience

Images from the Country of the Morning Calm

LA Noir Festival 2011, sponsored by LA Poetry Festival and Beyond Baroque

Past event, Noir Poetry Festival sponsored by L.A. Poetry Festival and Beyond Baroque.

“Finally, poets get to look mysterious and sexy! (We ARE mysterious and sexy but one can’t always tell by looking.) For those of you wondering,’Whaa….?’ This is the opening night of the 25 event series “Night and the City: L.A. Noir” presented ‘Whaa….?’ This is the opening night of the 25 event series “Night and the City: L.A. Noir” presented by The Los Angeles Poetry Festival with Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center. Gorgeous photography and video from Penelope Torribio.”

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